Are you concerned about what FXBIT is, is it legit or a scam? No worries, as In this article, we will be discussing FXBIT, things you should consider before committing, is the platform is a sincere scheme or not.

FXBIT is an online trading platform, known to have started around April 2021, making provision of a minimum investment of about 500 dollars with a promise of close to 20 per cent profit return.

Although, due to the company’s poor web facility, the company seem to be like a fake to many traders. However, this article will not ascertain if the company whether the company is a sincere scheme or not, not without a factual resource or evidence, but we are sure to give you all the necessary details that you should consider while making your commitment.

What should you consider before making any commitment?

Corresponding to the fact that the internet is jam-packed with fraudulent sites and activities, by numbers of people, whose aim is to make a living off unsuspecting customers. These people tend to go to any extent, to exhibiting various illegal activities such as falsehood forgery etc.

But as the case may be, it is important to note that a visit to the website of any trading company or enterprise may help you make your way through.

With regards to this, it is expected that you know what to look for while researching the credibility of such an organization.

This might be stressful for those who do not know exactly what is needed to be checked. But in this section of the article, we have been able to compile a list of some things, you should probably consider before making any commitment.

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They include: Firstly, you should confirm their profiles or identity; it is important to know that any phone online trading company may not disclose its profile or identity. For any legal organization, it is required that it should have a notable means of identification, publicized to its customers and the general public. Secondly, it is always advisable that you confirm the physical location of their office, the company’s email address, contact phone number etc.

Thirdly, kingly confirm any detail on their founders or chief executives

However, after being forced to reveal the above information, you must note that they tend to give bogus addresses, fabricated business licenses and all of that. Moreover, it is to be observed that these phoney companies tend to showcase a few successful trades of some people, who have claimed to have this through them. It is also important to note that it is always risky to business with any company that is not regulated by any legal regulatory body in the jurisdiction. Corresponding to this, it is always advisable that you know where you stand with any such companies.


Now to our focus area, varying source had proven the fact that Fxbit.io, is not registered, regulated and or licensed by any known government agencies, known as a regulatory body. With regards to the fact area that the company is also offshore. Obviously, this definitely is a risk, such that anybody in his or her right mindset, won’t dabble into.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC), the Australian Securities and Investment Company (ASK), and many more, constitutes some of the regulatory bodies that are very credible for consideration.

Corresponding to what we’ve stated earlier, about the identification of its founder or chief executive, including his residential address and the founder’s complete profile it is important to note that public opinion on the internet serves as a pointer to individual experience and track record of the firm, regardless, as it concerns any company.

Following this factual perspective that public opinions serve as a pointer to the direction in which you should look, then it is advisable enough not to disregard the people’s view.


In this section of the article, we will be discussing how you should deal with any online company, be it legit or scam. With regard to this, the most important sector of it, before you commit to any business arrangement and agreement, is for you to be very caution and vigilant about them.

To be on a safer place, it is required that you know as much as possible information about any business institution or partner that you may want to associate with.

Here are some things that you mush definitely consider: A good starting point for this is knowing their addresses, phone numbers, emails, and so on. It is important that you verify any information at your disposal. More also, knowing these things is so important that you should, to ensure that it is valid and legitimate.

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It is also important that you take cognizant approach to dates and other validity of every licenses and certificates, as they must also be known to you, with absolute certainty. It is also important that you take a cognizant approach, towards listening for tell tale signs of exaggeration when discussing any business deals with anyone.

You should be wary of what they are tell you, especially If they sound very persuasive and try telling you of profits and gains in unimaginable numbers. Also, regardless of the familiarity with them, on issues of making payment, it is advisable to make payment to your business partners through standard procedures that wont bounce back to you. The likes of bank accounts and so on, in as much as it is traceable, are typical instances.

Also, be vigilant about using your credit cards or bank accounts cards, because, you maybe at the mercy of hackers, who can clone your card details and defraud you further If you should use credit cards or your bank cards. It is advisable that you contact the appropriate companies or people in order to quickly and correctly exercise the chargeback option, where you might have been blackmailed / duped. With regards to this, it is important that you provide all necessary information and procedure that can assist in recovering your lost or stolen money.

More also, it is required that you consult a website that will promptly tell you everything you inquired to know about who you are or are yet to deal with. Google is an indispensable tool for this prospect and it is not worth dealing with If they don’t know about the company. Corresponding to the web validation, varying sources have proven that other tools make provision for this, just like Google.

  • These tools include:
  • ReviewMeta
  • Fakespot

These tools are owned and used by Amazon, to separate the grain from the chaff and are available for all trading websites, like PayPal, Etsy, eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon itself.


In this article, we have been able to navigate on what is fxbit.io – legit or a scam? What is required that you consider before committing to any online company and some pretty guild lines on how to deal with online scams. However, you should be very cautious of who we deal with, when, and why, whatever the case may be. 

You should find out detail information of any body, any company that you may choose to partner with, in case things do not go as planned. While considering these measures, you should also be careful of the methods of payment you use, as you are aware of the consequences.

For this reason, it is advisable that on issues of making payment, it is advisable to make payment to your business partners through standard procedures that won’t bounce back to you, regardless of the familiarity with them. The likes of bank accounts and so on, in as much as it is traceable, are typical examples.

More to this, be vigilant about using your credit cards or bank accounts cards, because, you may be at the mercy of hackers, who can clone your card details and defraud you further If you should use credit cards or your bank cards. However, with this article, chances are pretty high that you can beat them to their own game, if you’re informed.

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