In this article, we’ll be reviewing Shopbia, is it legit or a scam? What they entail. we will also be taking you through an overview of how you discover scam shopping websites and how not to fall prey. First, we’ll take a look at an overview of what scam shopping sites are and how it works


Did you discover a new website that is running on a massive scale? a new laptop at half its price? Clothes at 90% discount? Sounds too good to be true, right? In this section of the article, we will be navigating how fake shopping site works.

People are increasingly shopping online over the past few months because of the lockdown and not just from the regular Amazon, Flipkart or Myntra, tons of new shopping websites have cropped up and each offering a better discount than the other. But it is important to take note that a lot of these websites are fake.

Those shoes you get at a 90% off will probably never reach you. The worst part is you might not even get your money back. Scores of online shoppers have been victims of such fake websites, losing thousands of dollars.

These fraud websites are taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic by not offering Cash-on-Delivery to enhance their course, by making customers pay in advance for orders. Once you fall prey and place an order, customer care numbers do not work, emails bounce back, and in many cases, the website itself disappears.

With regards to the festive season approaching, there will be massive deals and discounts everywhere, giving these scammers a higher chance of making a quick buck. While there are ways to report such online shopping frauds, the chances of getting your money back Are zero.


In this section of the article, we will be discussing how to spot a fake shopping site. However, you must keep out and spot these fake sites here are some tips.

Tips to spotting fake shopping sites:

Do not fall for unbelievable deals: official sites may announce sales, but they will never send you a message claiming such deals on specific products.

  • Check for prices: it is almost always the deals that lure you to a site. If the prices of different products are the same regardless of the material used, that should be a red flag.
  • Check for spelling mistakes: look for the name, website product descriptions, words like quality. Sources have proven that these are usually spelt wrong in fake shopping websites.
  • Look at their privacy policy: it is advisable that you look at a website’s privacy policy. Source has also proven that most of these scam sites use an e-commerce platform like Shopify to run their site, which gives you a standard privacy policy that you can edit and use. However, most of these scam sites will likely not spend time doing this and leave parts of it unedited.

Use tools like domain age checker and email verification. There is a provision of various tools like domain age checker, email verification to see how old or new the website and the email ID they provide is.

Run a research on social media: if you smell a scam, dig deeper.

Run a search on social media for them. However, it is most advisable to stick to shopping from well-known websites or only from sites where you know that someone has placed an order and received it in good condition. Note that if the website looks legitimate, and you want to shop from there, then place an order for a small amount as a test run. Usually a cash–on–delivery can save you from such fraud. However, instances have shown, where a product that is delivered is wrong and returns are refused.

Despite all these, if you get defrauded, it is advisable that you report to a legal regulatory body, such as and file a complaint. Also, consider that in most cases, it is highly unlikely that you will get your money back. This is because these amounts may be too low for officials to take notice. so, report it to the cyber cells, talk to your nearest police station. You may think that the money you have lost might be small, but it’s important that you note that these add up and scammers are getting away with a lot. So, report these sites, expose them so others don’t fall prey to it. Learn more: The News Minute.

Is legit or a scam?

As we’ve promised, we will be navigating, if is Legit or Scam? In this section of the article, we have been able to evaluate the company, to back our review. We have reviewed this website, based on some categorical analysis, however, the end turns out that the website may be a scam. It is therefore advisable that you keep extreme caution when using this site. We have been able to back our review, based on different actors like who owns the shopping site, is the contact information hidden or not, from where is the website hosted, technology attached to the site in question and much more. Here is a list of our evaluation:

Company Evaluation

varying sources have proven that the owner of the website “shopbia. in” is hiding his identity. Although, it is important to note that some website owners chose to hide their contact details, simply because, spammers use their details to promote services to website owners. But it should be considered also, that it can be misused by scammers. However, if the identity of the website owner is shown, our algorithm gives a high rating. learn more:

Webshop Evaluation

our sources have also proven that the domain name for has only been registered recently. This means that for any consumer to have time to leave reviews or social media comments, kindly note that the website is actually quite young for high reviews. To make sure the website was not set up by a scammer, it is therefore advisable, that you check through this website thoroughly.


While we analyse, we should also consider that has a very low ranking in Alexa, which could also mean a red flag. Because, a low Alexa ranking means that the website has relatively few visitors and in the case of new shopping sites, this is logical, including a highly specialized website, especially if the website claims to be a large corporate or popular site, then it is a red flag.

Technical Evaluation

lastly on our evaluation, is the website’s technical factor. However, our source has proven that has a valid SSL Certificate. An SSL certificate is known to be a technical web feature, that offers the service of securing communication between your computer and the website. But however, please note that there are different levels of this technical feature (SSL certification). The free one (SSL certification) is also available, whereas in most cases, varying sources has proven that it has always been utilized by online scammers. But still, in cases where you have to enter your contact details (source: Xolphin), not having an SSL certificate is worse than having one. Also, does not seem to be the case of search engine optimization like Google and Bing. do not implement what most websites do, in order to make sure they can be found by these search engines or others. The question is, why would a website prefer not to be found via search engines? Isn’t it suspicious? However, not to be found by police authorities or brand protection agencies, this is usually the case.

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There you have it, is Legit or Scam, how several fake shopping sites work, consequences attached, while dealing with them. With this article, we believe by now, you should have known more about You can check through this blog page for more articles like this.