Latest MLM Company To Make $1k - $20k Monthly (OKEST LIFE GROUP)

Latest MLM Company To Make $1k – $20k Monthly (OKEST LIFE GROUP)

The OKEST LIFE GROUP MLM was established in 1991 and is headquartered in Beijing, the Chinese capital (Beijing). OKEST LIFE GROUP is a vertically integrated corporation that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of everyday essentials and health goods.
In recent years, OKEST LIFE has successfully altered the sphere of e-commerce, and has achieved extraordinary results by combining traditional MLM sales with e-commerce strategies.
The firm is dedicated to raising the overall standard of living for its customers. Promoting a more healthful way of life is our goal. Incorporates the concepts of “happiness, health, and sharing” into one’s daily routine and way of life. Everyone can benefit from guidance on how to live a more fulfilling life.


In Shandong, China, is a manufacturing hub for health items.
Located in Hebei, China, this is a cosmetics manufacturing facility.
Daily-use product manufacturing base. China’s Guangdong province is home to this establishment.

Can OKEST LIFE Succeed?

  • Reduce commodity purchases.
  • Reduce the transactional cost of commodities.
  • Profit-sharing is offered.
  • Mutual success.

Compensation Plan:

  • Order a Start Kit consisting of a business handbag, a T-shirt, and a logo badge for a total of 15okcoin.
  • Golden-VIP: After joining Okest, a cumulative order of at least 150BV must be placed.
  • Platinum-VIP: After joining Okest life, the first order must be at least 250 BV.
  • Diamond-VIP: After joining Okest life, the first order must be at least 750 BV.
  • Crown-VIP: Upon joining Okest life, the first order must be at least 2000 BV.


  1. Generating endlessly
  2. Calculation by Accumulation.
  3. Never Be Reduced in rank.
  4. Prompt Payment.


Profitability in retail. Income that is generated automatically.
Bonus for Sponsors. Bonus for Quick Return.
Bonus for Development. Bonus for cooperation.
Bonus on sales. Bonus for leadership.
The honorary bonus.


Double return – Four VIPs who are recommended receive a double return.
Mutual privileges benefits from downlines.

What is the procedure for joining?

What you will get when you join, Purchase a beginning kit that includes the following:
Combination of a business handbag with a T-shirt.
Note: 15E-okcoin  = 1E-okcoin=₦400
Enter Level Condition B.V
Golden VIP 100k Accumula tive 150
Platinum VIP 168k Once-off initial order 250
Diamond VIP 500k Once-off initial order 750
Crown VIP 1.336k Once-off initial order 2000









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