7 Most Profitable Niche Blogging To Make $10k Monthly

7 Most Profitable Niche Blogging To Make $10k Monthly

Are you considering beginning a blog but are unsure about what themes to write about or which niche to target?

Your blog will be more successful if you choose a niche that is relevant to your target audience and that you can profit from.

In this piece, we will walk you through the process of selecting the most lucrative blogging niche, so that you can eventually start making money online.

A blog is a web log.

A website that is frequently modified by the addition of new pieces of information, which are typically written articles, is known as a blog. These are referred to as “posts,” and they are organized in a list with the most recent entry at the top in backwards chronological order.

Check out our detailed explanation of the distinctions between a website and a blog by clicking here.

When blogs were first created, the majority of them functioned as online journals in which the author shared information on a wide variety of subjects that interested them.

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Some blogs operate in this manner even in the modern era; however, the vast majority of blogs today are geared toward certain niches that the author and their readership find interesting.

If you’re a non-technical user, WPBeginner is a great resource for learning how to utilize WordPress more effectively.

How Does One Create a Blog?

You will need the following three things in order to start a blog:

  • The address of your website is known as its domain name (ours is mlmlegit.com)
  • Web hosting is the process of storing your website in a server that is located online so that users can access it.
  • A blogging platform is a piece of specialized software that enables users to quickly build a blog without the necessity of using any type of programming language.

Domain names start at $15-20 per year, while web hosting costs as little as $7.95 per year, on average.

Especially considering the fact that you are just testing the waters, that is a significant investment.

To our great fortune, Bluehost has consented to provide our users with both a free domain name and a sizable discount on hosting services. Simply said, the monthly cost to get started is only $2.75 dollars.

Do you require more choices? A full comparison of top web hosting services can be found in this article about choosing the best hosting service.

There are a plethora of options accessible to you when it comes to the platform that you will use for your blog, including many fantastic free options. For a more in-depth comparison, have a look at our ranking of the top blogging platforms.

If, on the other hand, you plan to monetize your blog in the not-too-distant future, then WordPress.org is the platform that will allow you to do so most effectively (this is what we use on WPBeginner).

It has a user-friendly interface and comes packaged with a plethora of design options and other components. The most crucial benefit is that it offers you the flexibility to monetise your site in any way that you see fit.

Check out our comprehensive guide for additional information on how to establish a blog with WordPress.

Is It Possible to Earn Money Through Blogging?

You won’t become filthy rich overnight if you publish a blog, but there is no question that you can generate income by blogging.

There are a lot of prominent blogs that make money online through a variety of various approaches. In common parlance, this process is referred as as “monetizing” your blog.

A nice supplemental income can be easily made from smaller blogs that cater to a specialized readership. There are several popular sites that make six figures, and some even make seven figures, in revenue (see: Twistok.com income – how much money does Twistok.com make?).

The following are a few examples of the most common forms of revenue generation utilized by blogs all around the world.

Running advertisements: typically by use of an advertising network such as Google AdSense. advertising Instead of selling advertising space to third-party companies, certain bloggers choose to offer it directly to businesses.

Sponsorship: refers to the practice of running content that has been paid for by a business. Social media posts on Instagram or other networks may also be used as a sort of paid content.

Affiliate marketing can be defined as the practice of linking to other people’s products or services in exchange for a commission in the event that a customer makes a purchase after clicking on the link that you provided. You may generate a lot of revenue from your blog by using this strategy. We are here to make the process of affiliate marketing more simpler for you by providing you with a variety of useful tools and advice.

Products in digital format: You can make money by selling digital products such as e-books, online courses, printables, applications, software, music, and other forms of digital media. Digital products, in general, have cheap overhead costs and may be adapted to practically any market segment.

Services: If you’re a writer, photographer, coach, or something similar, offering your services as a way to monetise your blog can be a very effective strategy. You can also consider beginning a blog as a tool to assist you in marketing an existing service you provide, such as logo design or freelance writing.

Tangible products: Despite the fact that their prices are typically greater than those of their digital counterparts, selling physical things can be an excellent method for generating revenue. It is simple to start making sales after adding a WordPress-integrated online store to your blog.

Considerations to Make Before Selecting Your Blogging Specialization (NICHE)
A lot of new blogs fail within the first few weeks, and the majority of them don’t even make it to the first couple of months.

Make certain that you have a real interest in the subject matter of the blogging theme that you choose. This would make it much simpler to follow through and it would make it easier for you to stay motivated.

In addition to this, it is essential to keep in mind:

Do you have sufficient knowledge about your specialized field (niche) to write with self-assurance? You do not need to be an expert in order to start a blog; however, it is preferable to start a blog on a subject that you are able to write about without having to do a great deal of study.

Is it simple for you to create money from your niche? Even though blogs covering any subject can and do make money, there are certain themes that are a lot simpler to monetize than others. If the subject matter of the blog is obscure or unappealing, it is possible that not enough people will read it for it to generate significant revenue.

Have you selected a market niche that is the proper size? It is recommended to avoid becoming overly general. If you try to appeal to “everyone,” you might find that “no one” is interested in what you have to say. You should make an effort to locate a specific sub-niche that is a good match for you.

Are you pleased to have others in your field identify your name with what they do? Although it is not prohibited to write a blog under a pseudonym, if that is what you like to do, you may have trouble making money from it.

Top Blogging Specializations That Can Earn You Money

It’s possible that you’ve thought of a topic for your blog already, but it’s also possible that you have no ideas at all. As long as you choose a topic you’re passionate about, you can succeed in any of the following markets.

These are all sizable, well-liked subfields that have been around for many years and have the potential to generate a great deal of revenue.

1. Physical Wellness and Exercise

Health and fitness

Blogs regarding health and fitness are sure to have a large following because they’re such hot topics right now.

The realms of health and fitness consistently rank among the most popular topics for blog posts. Because it is potentially lucrative, there will likely be a great deal of competition from other blogs in this space.

Condensing your point of view to your overarching interests is the simplest method to start developing your unique voice.

There are a great many perspectives that you might take on this issue, including the following:

  • A specific eating plan, such as the paleo, gluten-free, raw food, 5:2, or keto diets…
  • A particular form of physical activity, such as jogging, weightlifting, or CrossFit…
  • A certain demographic, including females, males, young adults, retirees, and nerds…
  • A specific method for treating illness or promoting wellbeing, such as homeopathy, acupuncture, or wellness…
  • Sharing your progress: if you’re on a health journey of your own, you might keep readers up to speed on your progress and share the things you’ve learnt along the way with them.

A word of advice: we’ve compiled a list of the top CrossFit gym WordPress themes for your website. Check them out and see if any of them would be suitable for your blog; many of them are applicable to a variety of other health and fitness-related themes as well.

2, Paying one’s own bills

Personal finance

The majority of us wish to earn more, spend less, or save more of the few resources we have available. Many people are interested in personal finance blogs because of the wide variety of perspectives and techniques that can be taken.

The following topics could be of interest to you:

  • Tips for saving money, using coupons, not being a consumer…
  • Stock market recommendations, the finest index funds, and so on…
  • In the context of debt: student loans, mortgages, etc.
  • Software, motivation, and cost-cutting suggestions are all part of the budgeting process…
  • Many personal finance websites encourage their readers to keep track of their progress.

3. Fashion

Fashion blog

If you enjoy posting on Instagram, which is where a number of fashion bloggers have grown extremely influential, this could be a particularly good fit for you.

There are a lot of fashion blogs out there, and many of them concentrate on the blogger and feature loads of images. This particular kind of fashion blogging is probably not for you if you prefer to keep your identity a secret or if you have a strong aversion to being photographed. As an alternative, you may wish to write a fashion-related blog or provide news about the industry.

Despite the fact that you may connect fashion blogging with female bloggers, this subfield is actually open to both men and women.

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There are a plethora of blogs devoted to men’s fashion, which are frequently referred to as “men’s style.” These tend to concentrate more on providing advice and recommendations for products rather than showing personal photographs.

We have a comprehensive tutorial that will teach you how to launch a fashion blog and start earning money, complete with instructions broken down into individual steps.

4. Lifestyle

The WordPress theme known as Stack.
Where can I find more information regarding the “lifestyle” niche in blogging? Let’s break things down for you because, if you’re new to blogging, it can be a little bit confusing.

The term “lifestyle” refers to writing about a wide range of topics that are all related to the same audience.

Having a lifestyle blog where you write about things like food, fashion, and motherhood is an excellent idea, for example. As a writer, you’re writing for middle-aged and older women who wish to eat healthily while caring for young children.

You might also consider writing for a lifestyle site that is geared toward single women and focuses on topics such as travel, beauty, and hair. You may also run a blog that covers topics such as fashion, fitness, and music that is geared toward guys aged 20 to 40.

You are free to choose a wide range of topics for your blog; however, it is essential to ensure that your site has a distinct identity, which will provide it with purpose and path.

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