Review of CharterPrime: Is CharterPrime a Scam or Secured?

CharterPrime Review : Is CharterPrime a Scam or Secured?

The CharterPrime Evaluation

If you are looking for a trustworthy and reliable broker, CharterPrime will be your best bet. By putting in the time, effort, and experience, CharterPrime is able to provide clients with unique solutions. The members of the CharterPrime team come from all over the world and bring a wide range of experiences and skills to the table. You may learn more about this fantastic company by reading this review of CharterPrime.

Trading Platform

When participating in market transactions, traders make use of the trading platform made available to them by the brokerage firm they use. Customers can trade FX and CFDs on stocks, commodities, rare metals, and cryptocurrencies on multi-asset platforms. All of these instances are illustrations of multi-asset platforms. When picking an online trading platform, one of the most crucial considerations to make is the type of trader that you are.

There are numerous features and analytical tools available on the CharterPrime MT4 trading platform. Because of its cheap spreads and costs, training and research resources, strong customisable charts, automatic trading, trading indicators, Expert Advisors addons, and live newsfeeds, MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a popular choice among traders all over the world. The platform provides users with a number of tools for market visualization, as well as charts of the market, indicators for technical analysis, and charts of the market’s history.


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MetaTrader 4 for Android and apple is also available as a direct download from CharterPrime. This provides traders with the ability to monitor their holdings, check the market, check their transaction history, check up on the market, and keep a close watch on their accounts all while receiving push alerts that can be customized.

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CharterPrime website

The Goods and Equipment Available

The majority of market participants’ primary trading instruments can be found on the platforms offered by most brokers. CharterPrime gives its users a wide variety of opportunities to trade in futures markets for indices, commodities, and foreign currencies.

CharterPrime’s CFD trading options for commodities include a well-designed stop-loss mechanism, low processing fees, and reasonable spreads. These features allow customers to get fast and powerful exposure to all markets with little risk. CharterPrime has attractive spreads on precious metals Such as gold, Silver, and Platinum that traders can use to make money.


Customers have access to a wide range of financial markets thanks to CharterPrime’s flexible CFD structure, low spreads, and extensive selection of indices to choose from. Customers also benefit from CharterPrime’s low spreads.

Trading on margin can significantly increase the amount of money that is transacted in spot commodities that are traded on the spot market. It is entirely up to the discretion of the traders whether or not they wish to buy or sell, and there is no time limit. Customers of the trading platform offered by CharterPrime now have access to cryptocurrencies as well as equities as an additional asset class.

Protection and Assurance

It is subject to many levels of regulation as a result of its registration with the Financial Service Suppliers (FSP) and authorization by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. This includes strict adherence to regulations regarding the prevention of money laundering and the countering of the funding of terrorist organizations.

The money paid by customers is kept in a different location from the money the company uses. They split their bank accounts and deposit funds into distinct bank accounts for each customer so that the personal information of their customers can be kept confidential. As a direct consequence of this, CharterPrime keeps the client’s money in a separate account from its own.

Transactions for Deposits and Withdrawals

CharterPrime provides customers with a broad variety of payment alternatives for the purpose of transferring money. These options include traditional wire transfers, major credit cards, and electronic payment systems such as Skrill and Neteller.

At CharterPrime, there are no fees associated with withdrawals or transfers of funds; nevertheless, traders may be subject to fees from the payment providers they use. It takes one day of business to complete an order to withdraw money. However, the cash may not be credited into your bank account for up to six days after the transaction has been completed. Depending on the spread, the minimum deposit necessary to create a Standard account is only $100.

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In a nutshell, potential traders should use CharterPrime because it complies with the severe regulatory standards outlined by the New Zealand government and has trading circumstances that have been properly established. To put it another way, CharterPrime offers a product that is both specific and powerful, and it is connected with the aspect of future trading performance that is the most important. These include a selection of accounts that have some of the lowest spreads in the business, advanced implementation technologies, and software that has been proved effective in the relevant industry. Regardless matter whether you are a newbie trader, an experienced trader, or a financial adviser seeking for a trusted partner, CharterPrime is a feasible choice that you should consider.


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