How I Boosted the Traffic to My WordPress Blog 28% in Just 48 Days

How I Boosted the Traffic to My WordPress Blog 28% in Just 48 Days

Counting the number of visitors or Traffic to your blog is one approach to gauge its progress (Use Google Analytics to keep track of your blog visits). Visitors aren’t enough to gauge growth because traffic must be targeted.

Because of this, I’ve worked nonstop over the last 48 days to drive more relevant traffic to my blog.

I’m a big fan of growth hacking, and there are many techniques to get visitors to your blog. Existing material can be repurposed to increase visitors to a blog using the practice of growth hacking

Many of you may recall that in 2011, Google Panda algorithm slammed my blog, and this was the moment when I discovered the value of SEO. In order to recover from Google Panda, I spent months studying and practicing SEO.

You may find out more about my healing process in this post. For the first time in my life, I felt my blogging career was gone because of Panda’s demise.

As I studied SEO, I came to understand that the Search Engine is nothing more than a collection of codes and algorithms, and that all we have to do is make sure our WordPress blog complies with their specifications in order to rank well.

One of the most common misconceptions about search engine optimization is that one must engage in unethical practices in order to rank higher.

It’s a fact, though, that SEO is first and foremost about the content’s appeal to humans, with a little technical help thrown in. Quality content and a positive user experience are essential for a high-ranking website, and neither can be compromised.

In just 48 days, I was able to see a 28% increase in traffic, which I will detail in the case study.

I’m sure you’ll learn a lot here, and my advice is to take action right immediately and not just read all that’s said.

Instead of taking action right now, you should bookmark this page and return to it when you’re ready.

This is my 48-day case study on how I increased the traffic to my blog.

The origins of the story:

I wasn’t too concerned about increased traffic because I was aboard a calm boat. My primary goal was to keep returning readers interested by posting fresh information on a regular basis. While this was a good strategy, I neglected to consider the value of attracting people via search engines and directing them to older postings.

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As you’re working on new postings, don’t forget to revise and update your older ones.

Learn how to recycle existing blog content for increased traffic and visibility in this in-depth guide.

My old broken links were finally fixed thanks to the LinkPatrol plugin I discovered a few weeks ago. It’s possible to learn more about LinkPatrol here. As a result, I began auditing all of my posts, which provided me with a fresh view on how many people were actually converting on each post.


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I also earned an additional $1200 or so. Check out this video guide for a step-by-step explanation of how this plugin helped me earn money.

Let’s take a look at the actions I made to significantly increase traffic, and it has continued to improve since.

As a newcomer to ShoutMeLoud, you should read this personal tale of my writing journey, which explains how ShoutMeLoud started out as a tech blog and later found its niche.

From from 2010 to 2012, I wrote almost 50 high-quality technical posts, all of which I had to delete. They weren’t of terrible quality, but they didn’t offer anything to the blog’s present focus.

ShoutMeLoud (SML) posts were transferred to ShoutMeTech (SMT- My Tech Blog) in the following manner:

  • A list of all of the posts I’d like to relocate from ShoutMeLoud to ShoutTech was compiled for my own reference
  • I double-checked the post for any duplicates using Google search. This blog was being plagiarized by beginners, therefore I took legal action and removed all the plagiarized material from the site. Without it, the project would have stalled. Instead of posting the content on ShoutMeTech, I could have placed it directly there.

I had to manually move photos from ShoutMeLoud to ShoutMetech. Archive remote images is a helpful plugin that automatically saves images. As soon as I had copied the text across, I removed it and made a request via Google’s Webmaster tool to remove the content from the Web-index.

A 301 redirection was set up between the ShoutMeTech post and the SML post once it had been removed from the index.
ShoutMeLoud’s traffic continues to grow despite the removal of a large number of traffic-generating, non-relevant articles from the site’s archives. Take a look at the chart below:

Post removal effect on ShoutMeLoud

It took some time to comb through all of ShoutMeLoud’s content and delete anything that didn’t fit with our blog’s mission.

Read my essay on the Single-niche Vs. Multi-niche blog, where I discussed my thoughts on the subject, if you’re interested in learning more. ShoutMetech’s traffic is seen in the graph below if you’re curious what occurred.

301 redirection effect

To list just a few of the features I love about the SEMRUSH tool, I consider it indispensable for my blog’s success. I utilize SEMRUSH to locate all pages that rank on page 2 or higher of Google search results for a specific keyword, and then I optimize those pages for that specific keyword.

SEMRUSH Keyword ranking

You may get a free trial of SEMRUSH using this promo link, which I’ve already explained in detail.

This is the most effective way to increase traffic because it requires little effort and allows you to accomplish more in less time. On ODesk, I enlisted the help of freelancers to generate presentations based on my blog post content. With the help of Slideshare, I’ve seen an increase in traffic and brand recognition for my blog.

However, if you’re just getting started with Slideshare, check out our beginner’s guide. When I have more information, I will tell you about my experiences and results.

Slides is an entirely new component that I’ve added to my arsenal of blog marketing strategies, and so far it’s been successful. If you’re on a limited budget, you may save money by generating your own PowerPoint presentations, which won’t take long.

The Genesis theme that ShoutMeLoud was using was recently replaced by the Astra WordPress theme.

A mobile-optimized site, on the other hand, increased traffic from mobile search engines. My site’s overall performance increased after switching to a more recent and SEO-friendly theme.

Using CloudFlare’s free CDN, I was able to increase my site’s loading speed by over 300 percent after upgrading to the Astra theme. Now that ShoutMeLoud is hosted on Kinsta WordPress hosting, it loads in under two seconds.

Previously, I used custom code to display related posts, but I wasn’t satisfied with the content’s relevance. When two pieces of content are actually related, they work much better together.

Now, when I change a post, I can choose which posts will appear as “related posts.” I had my developer team custom create this feature.

Please note that the associated content is now editable, and I am able to choose specific pieces of content for each individual post.

A big improvement in the blog’s bounce rate is expected as this work progresses.

This is a step that you should take as soon as possible, as broken links have a negative impact on your blog’s overall SEO score. WordPress plugin Linkwhisper can be used to identify any broken links..

It is possible to discover broken links with the help of SEO tools like SEMRush.

It has been a couple of weeks since I made any significant changes to the site, but the blog’s traffic has gone up, and I would encourage you to make these modifications to your blog as well.

For the sake of your blog’s growth, please read this before leaving a comment: How not to produce worthless material for utter success before leaving a comment.