20 Ingenious Methods for Increasing Your YouTube Subscriptions in 2022

20 Ingenious Methods for Increasing Your YouTube Subscriptions in 2022

More YouTube Subscriptions are a skill that must be learned.

If you have a YouTube channel, you’re probably interested in learning how to increase your channel’s subscriber count.

  • Is it a good idea to pay for YouTube views?
  • Is it possible to gain more free YouTube subscriptions?

You may become the next big YouTube sensation if you have a good approach and stick to it.

To assist you obtain more YouTube Subscriptions, I’ve given you a few tips.

That’s how I found out.

After uploading 200 videos to my YouTube channel, I saw an immediate increase in YouTube Subscriptions.

YouTube subscribers

Before I go any further, I’d like to provide some techniques and a key industry viewpoint.

As far as content marketing is concerned, video is leading the pack (as of 2022). Today, video blogging, video sharing, and video marketing all rely on YouTube as their primary distribution channel. Many people (including me) adore this Google-provided tool.

Despite their recent moves into video marketing, Facebook and Twitter have yet to achieve the same level of prominence as YouTube.

Every uploaded video has a vast potential audience because to YouTube’s over one billion monthly unique viewers. Video consumption on YouTube is the most popular platform, regardless of what type of content is being shared on the site.

New YouTube stars are making their way up the ranks, making this a great platform for anyone searching for online promotion and publicity.

Bloggers can interact with their audience on a more personal level by uploading videos to YouTube and sharing them with their subscribers.

YouTube has enormous potential to deliver a lot of visitors to a site by leveraging this social media powerhouse. In order to do this, you must first get more subscribers.

This is a lengthy article on how to increase your YouTube Subscriptions. It’s best to read it now if you have the time, but if not, you can always save it and read it later!

21+ Ingenious Methods for Increasing Your YouTube Subscriptions by 2022

In the span of a year, you have failed to fulfill one of your New Year’s resolutions: to rebuild your YouTube channel.

In the year 2022, here are 21+ smart techniques to get more YouTube Subscriptions on your YouTube channel.

Thanks to some lovely contacts, I was able to attend a YouTube fan-fest as a VIP guest and gain some insight into how these things work.

I know a fellow YouTuber who grew his YouTube Subscriptions and viewing base significantly in the period of two years. Despite the fact that his figures aren’t particularly impressive, the fact that he’s amassed well over a million views more than makes up for it.

As a result, if you use these tactics appropriately, you will undoubtedly succeed in your endeavors.

1, Watermarking your video is easy.

Using this simple trick for your YouTube channel is a great way to get started right away and gain you more YouTube Subscriptions. A watermark you upload to YouTube will appear on all of your videos indefinitely. A new subscription option is now available for your viewers. In this image, you can see how this watermark appears

Add YouTube watermark

Head over to YouTube’s branding page here and add a new watermark to your videos in order to do this.

YouTube channel branding

Keep an eye out for the various watermark display possibilities. The watermark can also be replaced with a new one. To enhance my subscriber count, I started using the “Subscribe” icon instead of my logo as a watermark.

You can use the.gif image below as a watermark by downloading it.

YouTube subscribe placeholder

2. Set your YouTube account’s preferences.

Add a subscribe reminder to all of your videos with this simple hack. It’s possible to define default upload settings on YouTube in the same way you can for branding purposes. All of your videos can make advantage of this function, which allows you to ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel. (A screenshot is shown in the gallery below)

YouTube upload defaults

Visit the settings page on YouTube and enter a description you want to appear in all of your videos.This is the description that appears at the beginning of each of my videos.

Default description YouTube

When it comes time to upload videos, I can always go in and make changes. My subscribers will always be reminded to do so thanks to this time-saver.

The third step is to add a subscribe string to your Channel URL
This is another smart way to get more people to subscribe to your channel on YouTube when they click on your link. This method has you appending “?sub confirmation=1” to the end of your channel link.

Simply by clicking on your SML magic string (?sub confirmation=1), a user will be taken directly to your YouTube channel’s subscription page. The screenshot is shown below.

Confirm channel subscription

Users will be able to subscribe to your channel much more rapidly now that the friction has been removed.

There are several ways to use the YouTube Subscriptions string, such as when you include a YouTube channel link on your blog, social media, or any other area where you want to promote your YouTube channel.

Many YouTube creators think that the thumbnail image is the most important part of the video.

Make your own video thumbnails instead of relying on a random one for each video that you upload. This is a logical conclusion.

The CTR of your YouTube videos will rise if you include relevant annotations and photos as custom thumbnails (click through rate). Your viewers will be able to tell what your video is all about by looking at a personalized video thumbnail with a small annotation.

The thumbnails on YouTube are now available in three different intervals: 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4. Decide on the one that best represents the theme of your video.

If you don’t have eye-catching thumbnails on your YouTube videos, you’re losing out on a ton of potential YouTube Subscriptions or subscribers.

Thumbnail images on YouTube have a default resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

Useful tools include:

This eliminates the friction and makes it possible for users to subscribe to your channel in a hurry.

It is possible to use the YouTube Subscriptions string with tip#2 (above) or any other time you include a YouTube channel link on your blog, social media, or any other location.

4. A thumbnail image from YouTube:

There is widespread consensus among YouTube content makers regarding the following point.

Instead of allowing a thumbnail to be generated at random for each video, create a thumbnail that is unique to each video. This makes perfect sense in every way.

The click-through rate (CTR) of your YouTube videos can be increased by creating personalized thumbnails that include annotations and related imagery (click through rate). Your users will have a better understanding of the content of your movie if you create a personalized video thumbnail and annotate it in some way.

The current version of YouTube provides a choice of thumbnails taken from three different time intervals: at the 1/4th mark, at the 1/2 mark, and at the 3/4th mark. Pick the one that most effectively shows the point you’re trying to make with the video.

If you are not designing engaging thumbnails for your videos on YouTube, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to grow your channel’s subscriber base and audience.

The default dimensions for YouTube Thumbnails are 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels high.

You may make use of tools such as:

  • Thumbmaker (DIY) (DIY)
  • Canva

to produce jaw-dropping thumbnails for YouTube videos. They provide templates that have already been developed, and you may produce thumbnails that are appealing to the eye in a matter of minutes:

YouTube thumbnail

If you are pressed for time but still want thumbnails, you can utilize Fiverr to pay someone to do it for you.

5. Outline a strategy (and write a script) for your videos.

YouTube video script

The first thing you need do before beginning your journey on YouTube is to make a plan for the content that will be included on your channel.

Following that, you will need to decide out the format of the videos.

Decide what you enjoy making and focus on increasing your talents in that area. Do not try to imitate popular channels on YouTube. It is more crucial to pursue your passions if you want to be successful on YouTube (and in life).

If you develop a screenplay for your video, it will likely perform better than if you don’t since scripts assist you in efficiently structuring your video content and keeping you on track. You will be able to prevent digressions into unrelated subjects if you stick to a script and use it as a guide during your presentation. This script will also ensure that the events proceed in a seamless manner, resulting in a video that is highly focused.

Include as many specifics as you possibly can in the screenplay for your video:

  • The precise terms that you intend to use in your presentation.
  • The activities that you will be performing during the video.
  • The primary aspects that need to be emphasized.
  • Any necessary actions that need to be taken (click on this link, subscribe to my channel, etc.)

Also, determine who your audience is going to be and write your script according to how they will interpret it.

Do they have a good understanding of technology?

Are they English speakers for whom English is a second language?

How intelligent are they, exactly?

What is their level of skill in comparison to yours, and how does it compare to theirs? Do they want something that is humorous or something that is informative?

Determine who your audience is and speak to them in the appropriate manner.

6. Create content that is extremely interesting and engaging (YouTube Subscriptions).


You need to develop material that is not just interesting and useful, but also entertaining, and this really ought to go without saying. Make sure that it remains in this state for the entirety of the time that the video is playing. If you fail to maintain audience interest throughout the middle, you will lose a significant number of viewers.

Material that is either amusing or educational tends to perform better than other forms of content. Content that is not just amusing but also educational is the kind that is going to be the most successful. This is true for any form of content marketing, but informative and entertaining videos tend to be the most popular.

To be more specific, you should be uploading a mix of burst videos and evergreen content to your channel. The popularity of burst videos will peak for a brief period of time, during which they will earn you rapid views, but this trend will eventually die out.

In order to obtain archival views and remain relevant over time, you need to make videos that are known as evergreen. It is best to aim to produce the majority of your material in an evergreen format if at all possible.

You might attempt publishing “Screencasts” if you are terrified of appearing in front of the camera. Even now, amusing and enlightening screencasts are not impossible to create.

Before you push the “publish” button on any of your videos, do everything in your power to ensure that they are interesting to your audience and that they will benefit from watching them.

7. Increase the frequency with which you upload content.


Although it is far simpler to state than it is to put into practice, you cannot deny the importance of this point. The fact that an individual enjoys the content that is being published on a channel and has a desire to view more of the publisher’s videos is the primary motivation for their decision to subscribe to that channel.

Channels on YouTube that do not upload new video on a consistent basis are typically disliked by users. Consumers, particularly in this day and age of digital technology, desire ever more and more forms of entertainment. You have to be able to meet the expectations of your subscribers at all times.

Maintaining a consistent level of communication with your subscribers is essential to the development of a long-term relationship with them.

Make sure that your videos are uploaded in a timely, consistent, and organized manner. Make it a goal to upload one video per week, or at the very least one or two videos every month.

Keep to your timetable, and do not submit any films at any other time. Your reputation will suffer as a result of this. It is very similar to viewing one of your favorite television programs, as new episodes are released on a predetermined timetable. As a spectator, your interest is more likely to be maintained if the presentation is consistent.

8. Optimize your YouTube titles for click-through rate (CTR).

Having a distinct identity is the single most essential factor in determining YouTube success.

Providing your videos with quirky names is a wonderful method to accomplish this goal. By doing things in this manner, you will increase the number of individuals who visit your channel just out of their natural interest.

Your channel needs a certain number of views in order to profit from the social proof factor, and having unique titles will play a key role in gaining those views.

However, you will also need to get involved in the search engine optimization (SEO) aspect of marketing on YouTube if you want to obtain the most views possible.

The following are six suggestions for improving the visibility of your titles on YouTube:

1. Make sure the title includes the keyword.

In the past, this had a more significant effect on SEO, but it continues to have a very significant impact on video. Because Google crawlers do not view videos in the same manner that they read blog entries, including the keyword in the title will provide the Google bots with information regarding the content of your video.

2. To find out what people are looking for on the internet, use Google Adwords to research it.

Make it a goal to tackle video content that has the ideal combination of a large search volume and a low level of existing competition.

3. Keep the length of the title to a reasonable length. The duration of the video is shortened by Google to fit inside 66 characters, and the words “YouTube |” are added at the beginning of the video (taking an extra 10 characters). The ideal length for your video’s title shouldn’t be any longer than fifty characters.

4. Add some descriptive language to the title.

Provide the audience with a preview of the content that will be covered in the video.

5. Ensure that the title is interesting to read. As I mentioned earlier, having an interesting title will encourage more people to click on it. The greater the number of clicks that your page receives, the higher it will rank.

6. The word “video” should not appear anywhere in the title.

This will not improve your search engine ranking on YouTube in any way, despite the fact that it will take up more space (though it may have an effect on normal search engines).

In a nutshell, you should educate yourself on how to write titles that are engaging, pertinent, and optimized.

9. Take full advantage of the channel customizations available to you.

YouTube channel customization

Make the most of the customisation choices that YouTube has to offer if you want viewers to trust your brand on YouTube. This will require you to make the most of the alternatives that YouTube has to give.

If you can make yourself look like a professional, your audience will be more likely to appreciate and trust what you have to say.

Use components of your existing brand identity for your YouTube channel if you already have a following for a blog that you manage, such as a website or a social media account. Because of this, people will be able to recognize you regardless of the platform they use.

Establishing oneself as a brand on YouTube will be facilitated by the presence of some professionally designed and unique channel art.

Make use of a bespoke header backdrop by including some of the design components from your blog.

When finishing up the design of your YouTube channel, make the most of the channel bio and the custom URL that YouTube provides. Maintain brevity and focus while writing the bio. If you want a more in-depth bio, you can always just include a link to the URL of your blog in the video description.

The following dimensions are recommended for your YouTube channel cover: 2560 x 1440 pixels

10. Produce an interesting teaser for your channel.

When you open a YouTube channel, you may use a nice tool called channel trailers to play a pre-loaded video.

When you open a YouTube channel, you may use a nice tool called channel trailers to play a pre-loaded video.

To keep viewers interested, you must regularly improve your channel trailer.

At this point, you have only a few seconds to get the attention of your audience in order to be successful. The ideal length for a channel trailer is probably in the range of thirty to sixty seconds.

In this section, you will be required to explain to your potential subscribers why they should continue to watch your channel and what it is that you have to offer them in order for them to do so.

If you are comfortable in front of the camera, provide a brief introduction that is simultaneously instructive and engaging (with a well-structured script).

Check the viewer retention rates in the Channel Reports section of your YouTube account to determine whether or not an uninteresting or overly lengthy channel trailer is driving away potential subscribers.

Adjust it till you feel like it’s just right.

11. Make sure you’re using the correct tools.

Tubebuddy Youtube Publisher tool

There is an abundance of high-quality equipment available nowadays. The use of the appropriate tools, which can range from those that assist with the production of videos to those that assist with the promotion of videos, can help you to improve the number of people that discover your content organically.

Your subscriber base will grow in direct proportion to the number of natural viewers your video gets.

Personally, I have been using TubeBuddy for quite some time, and I believe that anyone who is serious about marketing their videos on YouTube should give it a try.

TubeBuddy will assist you in expanding your audience, increasing your revenue, and automating the entirety of your YouTube workflow. You should look into that, for sure.

Watch this video to learn more about how TubeBuddy can assist you:

12. Make it possible for visitors to locate your YouTube Subscriptions BUTTON.

YouTube gives you the ability to link to your official website; if you already have one, you should definitely take advantage of this feature and also make your YouTube Subscriptions.

This makes perfect logic, therefore there’s really no excuse for you not to act on it.

You can make the most of the time and energy you invest into attracting viewers to your YouTube channel by directing those viewers who are particularly interested in checking out your website. In addition to this, your channel will be validated as an official representative of your company on YouTube after the verification process is complete.

You can add the URL of your website or blog to your channel by going to the settings section of your YouTube page.

You might also think about including the URL of your website or blog within the description of the channel itself.

In a similar vein, if you want to increase the number of YouTube subscriptions to your YouTube channel, you can consider including a “Subscribe” button on your site.

13. Publish videos that are longer than ten minutes.

There are many lengthy YouTube Subscriptions videos, but the most popular ones are those that are at least 10 minutes long or more.

In the past, shorter films had a better chance of becoming successful, but now that YouTube has gained momentum, lengthier videos have a better chance of ranking higher.

According to a survey that was published by Comscore in January 2014, the typical length of a video uploaded to YouTube is approximately 4.4 minutes. This is the magic number for content creators who are just starting started in the industry.

Continue to follow this number while you try to build a following.

When you have a sizable audience, you may try different lengths of videos and observe how they are received to determine what works best.

Keep it easy, make sure it’s instructive and engaging, and make sure it’s over ten minutes long.

This is not an ironclad guideline; for example, if your film could be completed in less than five minutes, you are free to cut it down.

Although it is a difficult test, the results of your efforts will be well worth it.

14. Use A YouTube Intro & Outro.

Not only can adding an intro and outro to your video on YouTube help identify your channel, but it will also make the video more enjoyable.

Your company will benefit from having an introduction as well as a conclusion, and the film will appear more professional as a result. It feels very much like the opening theme tune of a popular television show.

In addition, if you have a captivating introduction, your viewers will be far more likely to watch the rest of the film.

15. Be as brutal as possible while editing your videos.


Well-known photographer Thomas Hawk claims to have ten rejected photographs in his portfolio for every one he publishes. The same principle applies to all other kinds of editing.

Edit your YouTube videos with ruthless efficiency, and make sure that only the very best ones are uploaded.

It will only be to your detriment and the detriment of your brand as a whole if you hurry about keeping precisely to your timetable and publishing content in a haphazard manner. While you are shooting a video, make a number of records, and then edit the final product so that it only includes the greatest moments.

If you are unsure about the quality of a certain take, give it more than one go.

If you are using Windows, Adobe Premier will function faultlessly, despite the fact that I haven’t done much video editing on a Macintosh in the past. Acquire the appropriate editing tools to help you get through this (oftentimes) laborious process.

Check out The Five C’s of Cinematography: Essential Tips for Filmmaking if you are willing to commit more time and energy to mastering cinematography. The book is a compilation of essential advice for filmmaking. Both inexperienced filmmakers and seasoned professionals can benefit from its cutting-edge approaches, which are included in the book.

The following are the correct dimensions for YouTube videos of various qualities:

  1. 2160p (4K) – 3840 × 2160 pixels
  2. 1440p (2K) – 2560 x 1440 pixels
  3. 1080p (HD) – 1920 × 1080 pixels
  4. 720p (HD) – 1280 × 720 pixels
  5. 480p — 854 x 480 pixels

16. Optimize your video descriptions.



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How To Use SoundCloud To Publish Audio Podcasts On iTunes

How to Choose a Blog Niche That Will Make Money? (Right way to do it in 2022)

Getting back to the search engine optimization facet of YouTube videos, the video description is not something that should be ignored.

Your videos will be able to be found in search engines if you include a description, and the description will also provide potential viewers with some insight into the content of your video.

But don’t overdo it. Because only the first few lines of your description are displayed when the video is initially loaded, there is little point in including a very extensive description in your movie.

You should use your keyword in the description, just like you did in the title; however, unlike the title, you shouldn’t overdo it. You shouldn’t delude yourself into thinking that you can outwit the search engine by entering your term 17 times. If you do this, your chances of appearing in search results will actually be decreased.

Maintain your natural and genuine state.

A suggestion: in the description of your video, you might try directing them to a “squeeze page.”

17. Think about forming a partnership with other YouTube creators.

YouTube collaboration

Recent years have seen an increase in the frequency of collaboration between the top content creators on YouTube.


  • Because working together is beneficial for everyone.

It will be beneficial not only to you but also to your collaborators and the viewers.

Making videos is a collaborative process, not a competitive one, and viewing other YouTubers as competition will only slow your growth and make you jealous of their success.

You should make an effort to get in touch with other people who are active in your industry who are similar to you and ask them about the possibility of working together on an exciting project.

Your collaborator will also be able to connect to a new audience, you will be able to connect to a new audience, and your viewers will be thrilled with all of this additional value that they are receiving.

It’s a victory for everyone involved.

18. Communicate with the people who are your most devoted fans.

The intangible thread of connecting and communicating with other people is the foundation around which social media platforms are constructed.

  • It comes down to how much you care about something.

When your supporters see that you care about them, it will make a big difference in how they feel about you.

Engage in conversation with your viewers and pay attention to the feedback they provide in the comments section of your videos. It is possible that you will experience some reaction and fury in the comments part of your website; however, you should brush it off with grace and pay attention to the people who are most dedicated to you as a fan.

Make sure to respond to the comments that are left under your videos so that your audience always feels connected. This will help to create trust between you and them, and they will respect you for showing that you care about them.

19. Think about hosting video challenges and giving away prizes.

HNHH YouTube Giveaway

Who doesn’t get excited about free stuff?

Give something back to your audience for all of the time they spend watching and commenting on your videos on YouTube.

Rewarding the people who already follow you on YouTube by hosting a video contest or giving away free stuff is a great method to gain new YouTube Subscriptions or followers.

You are free to give away anything you like, including:

  • A new tech gizmo.
  • A branded t-shirt.
  • A subscription to a hosting service.
  • A new car…!

Whatever it is, your audience will adore the opportunity to acquire anything for free, and they will tell all of their friends about it. They will spread the word about it (especially if the prize is really good). This is not just free promotion, but it is also free promotion that can spread virally.

Many people who conduct giveaways on YouTube require consumers to follow all of their social media profiles before allowing them to enter the contest if the prize is very valuable. This strategy is highly recommended by me.

Even if the item you’re giving away has nothing to do with your specialized field, people will still be excited to receive it from you even if it’s free. This is because people enjoy getting things for free.

20. Promotion on multiple platforms is an absolute must.

social media cross promotion - mlmlegit

In this day and age of social media, it is very necessary to be present and active across a variety of social networks in order to be considered alive.

It is essential that you are easily discoverable if you are working to establish a brand. You must maintain an active presence across the majority of the major social media networks.

You should absolutely set up profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus at the very least. However, you always have the option to use other platforms, such as Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, and the rest of them…

You can use an auto-scheduling program like SocialPilot to help you stay organized and on a regular posting schedule if the thought of being active on a large number of social media networks seems like it would be a logistical nightmare for you.

You may also market yourself further on the web by making use of Facebook Ads and Google Ads; but, if I were you, I would attempt Facebook Ads first before moving on to Google Ads.

This is the foundation around which successful brands are constructed.

You can establish oneself as an omnipresent presence on the internet by making yourself visible in a number of different locations around the world wide web.

A bonus piece of advice: Work hard to get your first thousand OF YOUTUBE Subscriptions.

Whatever you choose to do, you should aggressively plan to get out there and acquire your first thousand subscribers as rapidly as humanly possible.

It’s possible that something that was successful for someone else won’t be for you. Therefore, continue trying new things while adhering to the strategies that have proven successful… for you.

Continue to play around with different camera angles, backgrounds, and thumbnails for your videos, as well as the other methods described in this article. Maintain a record of the modifications you make and the ways in which they effect the actions of your audience.

Maintain consistency with your brand.

It takes a lot of work, a lot of time, a lot of perseverance, and a dedication to doing something for a long period of time in order to build something of value on YouTube. However, if you are patient, you will eventually be able to enjoy its benefits.

In response to commonly asked questions, here they are:

question - mlmlegit

What are some other tactics that you believe ought to be discussed in this article? Share your ideas in the comments section below on how to increase the number of subscribers on YouTube.

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