Platypus Finance is a Pioneer of Impartial NFT Mining on the Avalanche.

Platypus Finance is a Pioneer of Impartial NFT Mining on the Avalanche.

Both NFT owners and traders have expressed dissatisfaction with the minting process because it is not a fair mint in the first place. The majority of projects are using an off-chain technique to mint their coins, which leaves them open to the risk of corruption and abuse. The contents and metadata of NFTs that have been generated and stored are kept off-chain, which makes them subject to data loss.

In the Avalanche ecosystem, Platypus Finance is a trailblazer in the development of a solution to this problematic phenomenon. They are the first ones to come up with a way to mint NFT on Avalanche that uses a random number generator. The method of minting NFTs was improved as a result in terms of its fairness, transparency, and user safety.

process of minting based on on-chain random generation

There are certain non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are worth more than others. NFTs that feature DeFi utilities have an advantage that is considerably higher, given that the rarity of the minted NFT dictates the extent to which its owner will profit from it. It is possible for the process to become tainted in the absence of openness and a genuine random generation. Minting the most uncommon NFTs will primarily benefit certain individuals, while the general public will be responsible for minting the more common varieties.

The minting process at Platypus Finance symbolizes the company’s core principles and top focus, which is the company’s very own customer base. Everyone has a fair shot at acquiring the greatest NFTs because to the implementation of on-chain random generation, which eliminates favoritism, discrimination, and inequality.


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Regarding the Platypus NFT

Platypus Non-Flying Trophies are referred to as Platypus Heroes. Platypus Heroes, in its most basic form, enhances the performance of liquidity investors in order to increase agricultural profits in fascinating ways. Heroes are born with a special combination of physical characteristics and boundless zeal. While others of them maintain a calmer temperament, certain ones among them always appear to be very eager. Some heroes enjoy flashy jewelry, while others even have their own personal vices.

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Characteristics like as the eyes, mouth, physique, skin, tail, and accessories of Platypus heroes are produced at random. There is a score associated with each attribute, and the sum of all of these scores is the overall score that is used to define the NFT’s class. There are 5 different class levels, ranging from common to legendary. In general, the higher the class, the rarer it is.

The abilities of Platypus Heroes allow them to improve the performance of liquidity mining and provide LPs on the platform with a competitive advantage. The supply of Platypus Heroes is only 10,000 strong at this time. The community is extremely energized for its formal launch in June of 2022, which is fast approaching.