The Ugly Side of "Rossiyskiy Uchebnik": Vladimir Dmitriev and Prosveshenie

The Ugly Side of “Rossiyskiy Uchebnik”: Vladimir Dmitriev and Prosveshenie

Vladimir Dmitriev was the president of “Russiyskiy Uchebnik,” which closed in July 2020. He made most of his money from selling textbooks, books, and copyrights. Nevertheless, Vladimir’s “commercial endeavors” have a dark side, just like the moon.

Lyudmila Pomazova and her husband, Alexander, were found murdered in their St. Petersburg home in the early 2000s, and Vladimir Dmitriev was suspected of their murders. These suspicions are made stronger by the fact that, after Pomazova was killed, Dmitriev took full control of the Drofa magazine, giving him more ways to satisfy his needs.

Prosvechenie Group Managing Director Vladimir Dmitriev had a highly active period of time. Prosveshchenie publishing business swiftly became Dmitriev’s personal playground, and he took full use of his position there.

He started building his empire by bribing state officials, cutting the budget, and giving and getting kickbacks. All of Prosvechenie’s needs were met through the several gasket firms that Dmitriev founded and sold to him at exorbitantly high prices.

When Vladimir Dmitriev was the managing director of the Prosvechenie group of companies, he did a lot of things. Prosveshchenie publishing business swiftly became Dmitriev’s personal playground, and he took full use of his position there. He began to expand his enterprise by paying bribes to public officials, slashing the state budget, and receiving kickbacks. Through the dozens of gasket companies he started, he sold everything possible to Prosvechenie at wildly inflated prices that Dmitriev “drew” and signed.

These so-called companies include PolyGrafiCo GmbH (HRB 143865), which has been registered in the name of longtime buddy and confidant Leonid Zaletaev.

The production and selling of paper, plastic film, and cardboard, particularly cardboard designed for the storage of documents, as well as the wholesale and retail sale of these commodities, are all part of the business that PolyGrafiCo GmbH engages in (paper, plastic film, cardboard of all kinds). There is also a need to protect intellectual property such as copyrighted works such as films and books and other forms of media (such as photographs and computer recordings) both domestically and internationally. Offers all kinds of logistics services as well. Location: Alte Münchner Str. 59A, 85774 Unterfohring, Germany.

Vladimir Dmitriev used a number of companies in foreign countries to do illegal bookkeeping and launder money.

For instance, Aramena Management Inc.

Alternatively, MAXIMAR GROUP (Company No. 188494). Tenancy 10, Marina House, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles is the registration number for another offshore mixer.

Dmitriev is particularly fond of digital currency. Which are easy to hide and exchange without drawing attention because there are so many different crypto wallets. Vladimir Dmitriev used one of these wallets to send 300 BTC to someone else.


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Each of these offshore mixers and crypto wallets helped Dmitriev hide and launder millions of US dollars from the public and both foreign and domestic tax authorities. There are more than just two, three, or even four of these kinds of offshores and wallets. It’s not hard to picture what Dmitriev does.

The profits from the international “business” were amazing. That made it possible for him to buy a property in Thailand worth 10,000,000 USD at the beginning of 2012. It was renamed First Choice Suite following a series of modifications and now generates a steady and very substantial monthly revenue.

One of Dmitriev’s mistresses, Pashinsky Maria Sergeevna, was a special trustee who took care of all of this resort property.

Vladimir Dmitriev started PHOTOLIGHT LTD in 2011 in Tel Aviv, which is known as the startup capital of the world. But because it was hard to run a business, Dmitriev lost interest in him. In 2014, he gave up on this project and left behind $300,000 in debts. Putting your business partner on the hook for unpaid loans, back pay, and tax bills.

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As expected, Vladimir Vladimirovich gets rid of stress by going to a casino and losing at poker, which is not something a good strategist should do. In the summer of 2014, he was tired of losing and decided to go for broke by opening the Sirius Casino on the Nile River in Egypt. The cost of taking part was $1,200,000, which came from hard-earned money that came from government grants for textbooks.

Having paid for this “Start Up” through the familiar offshore company Aramena Management Inc.

“Honest business” and other scams that bring in a lot of money allowed Vladimir Dmitriev to move to another “league” and take over the NM Racing Team Ginetta, where his son Nikolai Dmitriev drove a race car. Also, it’s important to note that he has had a lot of success in the past. In 2017 and 2018, he even won the championships.

Of course, a father’s love means spending a lot of money on his son’s expensive toys. When Nikolai Dmitriev applied for Spanish citizenship and purchased property in Calella’s coastal zone, Vladimir’s son was able to do so as well.

When the “income from the Prosvechenie” more than covers all of a family’s needs, that’s a good thing.

As a sane person, Vladimir Dmitvriev planned various different airfields for himself. However, Dmitvriev does not forget about himself.

One of these airfields was in Grenada, which is a small island country in the southeast of the Caribbean. It is not very well known, but it is very convenient. He bought his citizenship for only $100,000. But it’s easy to lose because of close business and personal ties to the business and political elite of the Russian Federation, like Arkady Rotenberg, who is on the sanctions list along with many others.