SEOR Ecosystem's First NFT MarketPlace

SEOR Ecosystem’s First NFT MarketPlace

By the end of June, SEOR Network’s first NFT MarketPlace will have a fully working first version of its features. As an early member of the SEOR Network, Zack X worked with his team to develop SEORSEA, a decentralized application (dApp) (LDCP). In order to test LCDP’s use, convenience, and functionality for the development of decentralized applications, SEORSEA was created by Zack X after the SEOR team finished the first step of the technical building of LCDP.

That being said, there is little doubt that the SEOR Network’s technical staff is a major contributor to the initial stage of SEORSEA’s development. SEORSEA uses the standard contract offered by the LCDP during the development process, which saves a lot of time and money in contract design, development, deployment, configuration, and statistical analysis of data. Consequently, it has been proven that LCDP supports project development with simple and rapid iteration functionalities.

When compared to SEORSEA’s mystery boxes, which are generated entirely by random numbers and are therefore genuinely decentralized, Merkel proof through LCDP, the contents of the mystery boxes are confirmed and cannot be edited once they are generated.


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As soon as SEORSEA is introduced, the first season of SEORSEA mystery boxes will begin. SEORSEA, the dApp of the SEOR Network ecosystem, will undoubtedly deliver a novel functional experience to the network’s users. The early supporters of the SEOR Network will be given the opportunity to participate in the event as a way of saying thanks to SEORSEA. As a result, keep an eye on this page!

You may be asking why we decided to use a seal as our mascot in the first place. Because the pronunciation of SEAL and SEOR sound same, this is why. On the basis of this, the first season of SEORSEA mystery box, Galaxy Fantasy, is based on a seal and is mostly made up of cosmic elements, with the eight planets of the solar system as the theme. Galaxy Fantasy, on the other hand, promises to create an entirely new metaverse.

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On June 30, SEORSEA announced that they would be releasing the first official version of their product. More features will be added over time. This is just the beginning for SEORSEA, as we plan to create more eye-catching themes in the future. In addition, we plan to create a joint NFT with a well-known IP, the winner of which may be determined by a vote of the community’s members.

In all application scenarios (certification, scenario consumption, scenario incentives, etc.), $SEOR will be used as the consumption token for the ecological growth of SEORSEA. As a result of this, SEORSEA NFT will be able to bring in more rights in the future, and will integrate more application scenarios to further enhance the value of NFT. SEORSEA is forward to meet each and every one of you!