BION is now tradeable on the LBank Exchange.

BION is now tradeable on the LBank Exchange.

For all customers of LBank Exchange, the BION/USDT trading couple is now immediately available to investors.INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Aug. 26, 2022 — LBank Exchange, a worldwide digital asset trading platform, has listed BION on August 26, 2022.

As a blockchain-based medicine subscription service, BION delivers solutions that effectively comprehend customer’s health while lower the amount, linking the insurance, and expediting the procedure. Its native token BION, has been listed on LBank Exchange at 16:00 (UTC+8) on August 26, 2022, to further increase its worldwide reach and assist it realize its mission.

Introducing BION

Personal Information Gathering is one of the fundamental components to use bio-health systems which might be classified as extremely sensitive information because the information in the genome does not just belong to individuals. And if personal health information, genetic information, and patient information information are not combined, medication credit card information will definitely have limited services available. Not to mention there’re also chances of personal sensitive medical information becoming hacked and leaked.

BION is a blockchain-based medicine distribution network developed to overcome these concerns. Sharing of drug distribution information utilizing the BION platform and association of insurance design can be determined not only by the customer but also by the medical institution to effectively identify and determine the current health status of the customer. Customers will continue to be able to take care of their specific situations and prevent illness prevention, exacerbation, and response in advance. In addition, medical institutions can receive real-time access to patient information for high-risk populations, enabling rapid intervention in case of emergency.

The cost of the drug distribution budget increases in proportion to the demand anticipated, resulting to an overall operating cost overrun. However, real-time data acquired through the drug distribution information analysis service of the BION platform can be validated by reliability-based blockchain information. Consequently, it is possible to cut operational expenses by enabling the control of client utilization, effectiveness, and feedback forecast.

In addition, with BION, insurance companies can decrease expenses by sharing their medical records. BION also enables the collecting and management of medical and personal health information in real time, hence decreasing the risk associated with insurance contracts. Customers can take the initiative in managing mandatory information, viewing information records, designing contracts, and billing from hospitals and insurers using smart contracts, which can avert problems in advance.

The BION platform incorporates a number of security technologies to safeguard the systems, servers, clients, networks, and data of its customers. It will operate AML and FDS for a more reliable service operation and to accommodate government policy changes.

Regarding BION Token

BION is the native utility token of the BION platform, and it may be used for a variety of purposes, including payments. Customers that use BION’s medical information-based social networking services can earn BION tokens for content production and engagement, such as clicking “like” on postings, community involvement, etc. Customers can use the BION tokens they earned as an incentive to receive discounts on cashing and insurance designs through the exchange.

Based on BEP-20, BION has a total supply of 2 billion (or 2,000,000,000) tokens, of which 20% is provided for token sale, 20% is made available for capital investment, 40% is held by the organization, 10% will be used for brand management, 5% will be made available to the coaching staff and employees, and the remaining 5% is provided for recompense.

The BION token was listed on LBank Exchange at 16:00 (UTC+8) on 26 August 2022; investors interesting in BION investments can buy and sell BION tokens on LBank Exchange immediately. The launch of BION token on LBank Exchange would surely assist it in expanding its business and attracting more market share.

Regarding LBank

LBank is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2015. It provides its users with professional collateralized debt obligations, skilled services for asset management and secure cryptocurrency trading. The site has over 7 million users from over 210 countries and regions. LBank is a cutting-edge technology that strives to promote the global adoption of cryptocurrencies by ensuring the security of user cash.

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