Bitcoin’s value falls as the United States prepares for sustained inflation.

Despite bullish sentiment in the price of cryptocurrency, the market for all cryptocurrencies has recently fallen into the red. Experts have predicted the start of another downtrend as U.S. inflation continues to rise based on the price action being stagnant.

Bitcoin’s once-high price of $24,5000 has fallen to a new low of $3,000. Therefore, the current price of Bitcoin is $22,900. However, Ethereum has dropped from $1,764 at the week’s start to its current price of $1,570. Nonetheless, it had increased to $1,624 as of this writing.

There are growing concerns about rising inflation.

So long as consumer prices remain elevated, the inflation rate in the United States is unlikely to decline.

Trivariate’s CEO Adam Parker told CNBC that inflation will persist at elevated levels for the foreseeable future. The Federal Reserve relies heavily on the CPI as a gauge of inflation.

However, due to the rising cost of living, experts predict that the CPI indicator will remain elevated for a considerable amount of time. Parker continued by saying the Fed was not sincere enough to have an impactful effect.[rb_related title=”More Read” style=”light” total=”4″]

Popular fund manager Morgan Stanley’s Chris Toomey says that inflation in the United States has not yet peaked. Inflation in the United States will persist, according to Toomey, because of the current global GDP. As a result, structural inflation has emerged rather than the more short-term inflation that was anticipated by stakeholders.

Bitcoin Influence of Inflation on Cryptocurrency Values

While the crypto market is certainly unique, rising inflation will have an effect on the value of crypto assets. Inflation is typically kept in check by the Federal Reserve by means of rate hikes and quantitative control of major markets, both of which work against the price trend of crypto-assets.

Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates by 75 basis points last month, the cryptocurrency market has experienced a correction.

Experts predict that if rates are raised again, the cryptocurrency market will plunge even further.

Indicators suggest the Federal Reserve is not finished raising interest rates to combat inflation. The Federal Reserve is still trying to tame inflation, but it appears to be resistant to many of their strategies.

Investors in cryptocurrencies could be in for another wild ride if the Federal Reserve decides to press the hike button without making any sort of announcement.

Bitcoin, the most well-known digital token, has experienced a price drop of 10% or more following each and every Federal Reserve meeting regarding interest rates, according to market data. Yet, the market’s likely reactions to a potential future increase may not be reflected in the numbers.

Even so, analysts agree that investors should be on guard for volatility for the time being because sentiment is not universally optimistic. As a result of the Fed-induced hikes, the value of crypto assets has crashed over the past two months.

Because digital assets have had such a hard time gaining traction this year, more rate hikes are likely to be unfavorable for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Since interest rates have been rising consistently, investors are fleeing the market.