Catalonia Is Moving Forward With Its Own Metaverse, Claims the Minister of Innovation.

Catalonia Is Moving Forward With Its Own Metaverse, Claims the Minister of Innovation.

In the most recent interview on metaverse, Daniel Macro, the director-general of innovation in Catalonia, discussed a number of the government’s most significant efforts to transform the province into a global powerhouse. This year, Daniel Macro’s views were heard at the European Blockchain Convention (EBC).

Daniel Macro stated that the COVID-19 epidemic has contributed in advancing the idea of the globalised era, which is a part of the whole economy, over the past few years. Afterwards, he cited the example of Europe, which has shifted toward digitalizing the energy contract and other technological contracts. In 2014, Daniel Macro was appointed director of the SmartCatalonia Government Strategy, overseeing initiatives to turn Catalonia into a globally recognizable Smart Country.

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In addition, as the metaverse and blockchain future technologies entered the situation, the secretary’s focus was on establishing a wholly digital infrastructure that is influenced by the material world. He revealed that the authorities are constructing a distinct metaverse called “Cataverse” that will operate exclusively in Catalonia. He highlighted that ties between the Calatan culture and the Catalan language will exist.

According to him, this is a requirement in their respective metaverses that Catalan beings can fulfill. Catalonia’s minister of innovation elaborated on the government’s plans to transform Barcelona into a digital powerhouse. Per the him, the teen’s talent will play a significant role in this regard, and the authorities have sanctioned numerous programs and university operations to promote such potential among the youngsters.

He divulged that they have very robust strategies to cultivate talent within the colleges, while also extending programs such as boot camps and other activities to a considerable extent to accommodate the need for different profiles. He went on to state that the authorities are seeking to combine the promotion of new talent and the attraction of new companies with a pleasant working environment.

In response to a query regarding the blockchain-based applications that can be utilized by tourists in Barca, the government cited the example of a project devoted to healthcare applications as well as some other things related to public transportation, etc.