Crypto investor Tim Draper says women may drive the next BTC bull market.

Crypto investor Tim Draper says women may drive the next BTC bull market.

Tim Draper, a well-known billionaire investor, underlines that in the upcoming, women will be the clear favorites in boosting Bitcoin’s price, along with a number of retailers that will begin accepting Bitcoin as an extra payment mechanism in their stores.

Draper, who is also a BTC (Bitcoin) trader, indicated in a YouTube program titled “Wolf of All Streets” that women have the ability to play a leading role in increasing the per-coin current valuation value of the principal cryptocurrency token to approximately $250,000. He stated that as a result of the owners’ endeavors to begin accepting Bitcoin payments in a broader context, each one of the women will get Bitcoin (BTC) wallets in a flash in order to shop for goods with the most prominent crypto asset.

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According to him, the businesses are eager to begin accepting the token as soon as possible. He acknowledged that majority of store employees (now) have poor margins, thus the reduced membership fees in contrast to the main credit card companies such as Mastercard and Visa could increase the incentives in Crypto. According to CreditDonkey, the standard credit card asking price is approximately 3.5% online and 2.9% in-store for any purchase made with a credit card.

While in comparison, the regular transfer charges over Bitcoin are up to $1.4 for each exchange, as per BitInfoCharts (the portal that gathers the data linked to Bitcoin) (the platform that compiles the data related to Bitcoin). Draper indicated that the retailers would be benefited. As per him, women administer the retail spending’s about 80%, and a great amount of costs may be prevented by the merchants that they invest to the credit card businesses by adopting Bitcoin.

Thirty percent of the entirety of crypto owners are women within the United States, as per The State of Consumer Banking & Payments. The extent of acceptance envisaged by Draper may not be remote enough so that Morning Consult reported that about 24% of the homes in America possess crypto, which has increased to nearly 2% following 2021’s July.

If the figures by Draper are right then a domino situation might be begun by it to furthermore confirm the statement of Michael Miebach (the CEO of Mastercard) that SWIFT (a global system of payments) would not stay available in the future 5 years.