Crypto YouTuber BitBoy Crypto Files A Defamation Lawsuit Against Atozy

Two popular YouTube creators have decided to pursue legal action in response to a video that purported to support a cryptocurrency project but was actually a scam. Ben Armstrong’s YouTube channel Bitboy Crypto uploads a variety of content pertaining to cryptocurrency news, tokens, and projects, as well as trading advice. The channel has been operational since 2018 and has 1.4 million subscribers.

The channel specializes in crypto trade and news-related news segments. Despite the fact that the respective videos appear to provide trading advice, the channel displays a disclaimer stating that its owner is not a professional advisor in the fields of commodities and securities trading, taxation, finance, and cryptocurrencies. The channel’s content describes it as being designated for general information.

Bitboy has previously received a great deal of criticism from the broader crypto community for ostensibly de-tracking viewers regarding various projects and tokens. Armstrong has made multiple attempts to refute such claims. BitBoy Armstrong has been compelled to implement a legal solution as a result of an incident involving the comments posted by another YouTuber on one of his videos.

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Atozy accuses Bitboy of misleading the viewers on YouTube.

Erling Mengshoel Jr, a.k.a. Atozy (the name of his YouTube channel), observed a now-deleted video on Bitboy’s channel promoting a project called Pamp network in 2020. The respective project failed, and investors lost their money as a result of the founders’ alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme. According to CoinGecko’s data, the token’s value decreased from its all-time high of nearly $2.73 in July 2020.

At the time of PAMP’s decline, Atozy revisited Bitboy and stated that Armstrong had deceived the viewers in the video supposedly advocating for the project. In November of the previous year, Atozy began creating a comprehensive video aimed at Bitboy’s owner, accusing Armstrong of dishonesty and promoting the scam-based project.

Bitboy files a defamation lawsuit against Atozy.

Armstrong then filed an official lawsuit against Mengshoel on August 12 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. The petitioner has included claims for defamation, tortious interference with business dealings, and emotional distress in the filing.