Ethereum developers have set September 19 as the date for the merger.

Ethereum developers have set September 19 as the date for the merger.

The long-awaited Merge will be implemented by Ethereum programmers in the middle of September. The devs announced this at a conference call on July 14th. They talked over the processes that must be taken before the Merge can be completed and launched.

A New Proposal with No Impact

Tim Beiko, the meeting’s organizer, suggested September 19th as the date. Nonetheless, this is only a guideline, not a set in stone.

One of the project’s contributors is Superphiz.eth. On Twitter, they stated that the date should only be viewed as a working timetable. They also stated that the community should continue to wait for an official declaration.

Observers will not be surprised by the September 19th date. Many more of them anticipate that the Merge will take place around that time. Nevertheless, some remain suspicious and believe there will be a second delay.

A Twitter user commented humorously, stating the news had no year tied to it. They predicted that the Merge will take place in 2050. Similarly, the decision by developers to postpone the Ethereum time bomb raised concerns.

While the discussion over extending the time bomb raged on, other developers advocated for a firm deadline. Beiko, on the other hand, argued that the team was already under pressure.

Beiko previously stated that the Ethereum merger will take place between August and November. Only a major enough breakthrough could put a halt to it. The co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, had the same sentiment.

According to Vitalik Buterin, the merger will take place in August if no problems arise. It is also possible that it will take place in September or later in October.

Shadow Fork 9 of Ethereum

The actual date for the Merge has not been determined. Other network enhancements are proceeding as planned. The channel’s Shadow Fork 9 is now operational.

According to an Eth Foundation DevOps Engineer, developers have only tested upgrades. Then they distributed them alongside an extensive network on the Sepolia hard fork.

The Shadow Fork 9 project was completed on July 14th, significantly earlier than projected. It was actually due to a little rise in hashrate. It accelerated the project and lowered the mistake margin for programmers.

Since the release of Shadow Fork 9, there have been no bugs. It paved the way for the upcoming Goerli testnet merger. Goerli will be the final merge before the Ether mainnet switches to a concrete evidence system.