Participate in the 1xBit Adventure with a 0.5 BTC Prize Fund.

Participate in the 1xBit Adventure with a 0.5 BTC Prize Fund.

With this new exciting tournament that was just declared on their platform 1xBit is back in its element. Join the AROUND THE WORLD ADVENTURE on 1xBit right now; this summer, everyone has the chance to travel the world and find crypto.

Enjoy the summer adventure by playing slots on 1xBit and competing for a piece of the 0.5 BTC fund set aside for this event.

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To take advantage of this promotion, please follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your 1xBit account.
  • Choose a currency
  • Go to the offer page and click the “Take Part” button next to this deal.
  • Earn points by playing any slot from any supplier.

The more points you earn while participating in this contest, the higher your level in the tournament and the greater your prize. Isn’t it exciting?

The promotion will run from August 9th to September 8th, 2022.

The estimated profits for this contest are tantalizing. The most you may win in this competition is 120 mBTC if you win first place. The projected prize for finishing second is 65 mBTC. The estimated awards for third, fourth, fifth, sixth, tenth, and twentieth place are 50 mBTC, 20 mBTC, fifteen mBTC, and tenth mBTC, respectively. Finally, if you finish between 21st and 30th, you will receive 5 mBTC.

The beauty of this event, as opposed to others that have taken place on 1xBit, is that there will be more victors.

1xBit Advantages

If you are new to 1xBit, you may be unaware of some of the benefits of the cryptocurrency gambling website. Take a look at some of the advantages of playing at 1xBit.

Regular Tournaments and Promotions

The AROUND THE WORLD ADVENTURE on 1xBit is only one of the many competitions and promotions offered on the site. Every month, 1xBit keeps users engaged by hosting new and intriguing events. So you may be certain that there is more in store for you.

Top Game Publishers

1xBit is in the industry of becoming the world’s leading crypto betting platform, and one of the ways they know how to do that is to work with big suppliers. This explains why their game library is so enjoyable, as they exclusively handpick games from the best game suppliers.

More than 40 Cryptocurrencies

One issue that many consumers have with many betting sites is the restricted forms of payment accessible. As you may be aware, 1xBit is a cryptocurrency betting platform. This leads them to provide an infinite number of cryptocurrency payment methods. This explains why the service presently accepts over 40 cryptocurrencies. Payment method on 1xBit is a breeze!

There are no fees.

The wonderful thing about crypto transactions is that you don’t have to worry about the outrageous fees that are frequent with traditional payment options. With 1xBit, you can handle huge payments while being unconcerned about exorbitant fees.

Payouts are made instantly.

Another advantage of betting at 1xBit is the speed with which transactions can be executed. Because 1xBit exclusively accepts crypto payment methods, rewards will be completed in minutes, regardless of volume.

Welcome Bonus of up to 7 Bitcoin

If you’re just getting started with 1xBit, there’s a lot to be thrilled about. 1xBit is presently offering new members 7 BTC for their first through fourth deposits. This enticing incentive provides you with a level of leverage to investigate the earning prospects on 1xBit.


If you enjoy playing casinos, you should enter the event because there are many fantastic prizes to be won.