According to Solana Co-Founder, the launch of the Saga Smartphone could result in a massive increase in users.

According to Solana Co-Founder, the launch of the Saga Smartphone could result in a massive increase in users.

Solana co-founder expressed enthusiasm for the incoming new crypto smartphone known as ‘Saga.’

Anatoly Yakovenko, one of the founding members of Solana Labs, was recently a guest on an edition of the Bankless Podcast, which covered the upcoming release of the ‘Saga’ cryptocurrency-powered smartphone. Anatoly expressed great enthusiasm and anticipation about the gadget’s introduction and believes that the launching of this crypto-powered smartphone would result in a flood of new customers eager to take part of everything the device has to offer.

Anatoly mentioned the massive amount of sales that smartphones have seen last month. Speaking in support of the project’s legitimization and future prospects, Anatoly stated that approximately 7 billion people worldwide are now using cellular phones, with more than 100 million of those individuals carrying digital assets in their name, and these values will undoubtedly continue to grow at a steady rate in the coming years, justifying the potential of the Saga Phone or tablet.

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Concerning the Saga Smartphone

The Saga Smartphone is a product that will be introduced soon by Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of Solana Labs. The Saga smartphone was first shown on June 23rd and is said to be a flagship handset running the Android operating system with functionality and features that are firmly linked to the Solana Blockchain. This device will not only make Web 3.0 trading more convenient and safe, but it will also assist users in correctly managing their valuable assets.

New Smartphone Industry Standard

Another Solana Co-Founder, Raj Gokal, voiced his delight, adding that crypto still has a lot to offer and that the debut of such a technology will result in higher acceptance rates, clearer knowledge, and more possible possibilities for traders to capitalize on. Furthermore, Anatoly Yakovenko indicated that the Saga Smartphone will create the next standard for Web 3.0 on mobile platforms.

Anatoly highlighted that Solana Mobile’s ambitions for Saga are to create a unique and engaging experience by connecting the dots of native Android applications and digital assets such as NFTs and tokens with all of the other capabilities that will be available on Web 3.0. Anatoly also stated that they hope to provide a smooth and secure experience similar to Apple Pay.