Jeff Garzik Announces a New Entertainment Company Based on CryptocurrencyJeff Garzik Announces a New Entertainment Company Based on Cryptocurrency

Jeff Garzik Announces a New Entertainment Company Based on Cryptocurrency

Next Cypher Productions, often known as NxC, is the name that Jeff Garzik, one of the most influential pioneers in the crypto space, has given to his next venture. According to him, the business will be a brand-new independent entertainment corporation that will have its primary emphasis only on web3, cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and blockchain applications for the purpose of producing fantasy and science fiction content.

Jeff Garzik Is Combining the Worlds of Entertainment and Cryptocurrency.

During an interview, Garzik made the following remarks:

Garzik has already announced the first two television projects that his company will be working on so that they can get things rolling. The first one will be an action-drama program called “Deathlands” that will last for one hour and will be based on a book series that has been extremely successful. Mark A. Altman, who has also contributed his talents to the production of “Agent X,” “Pandora,” and “The Librarians,” is the individual in charge of producing this work.[rb_related title=”More Read” style=”light” total=”4″]

Continuing with the interview, Garzik went on to describe the format of the show as follows:

The second thing that Garzik is working on is going to be a program that he is going to call “Looking Glass.” This show will be based on an original concept that Garzik himself has developed. He used phrases such as “exciting” and “thought provoking” to describe the project, and he referred to it as a “new sci-fi action/adventure series in which a young woman whose memory was erased goes on a quest to discover her [true] identity as a grid runner who must save the outcasts of society from a deadly conspiracy that threatens to destroy the future.”

When is all of this going to take place?

At first, “Looking Glass” was published as a graphic novel by Next Cypher Words + Art, which is a division of NxC. The firm made the announcement regarding the first issue during the San Diego Comic-Con event that took place in July of last year. Production on “Deathlands” is scheduled to get underway in the beginning of 2023. The country of Bulgaria in Europe will serve as the setting for the shooting. Filming for “Looking Glass” is scheduled to begin later in 2019, although there has been no official word on where the shoot will take place. Fans should keep their eyes and ears open for announcements regarding all of the company’s future plans for movies and television entertainment, according to the company, which has also stated that fans should keep their eyes and ears open for such announcements.

Jeff Garzik and Deathlands are among the names associated with Next Cypher Productions.[rb_related title=”More Read” style=”light” total=”4″]